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Full text of "Mathura A District Memoir"

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1.    ** 0 Harij as thon disposest, so all things abide.   If I would shape my
course in any different fashion, tell me whose tracks could I follow.    If I wo^H
do rny own will, how can I do it, if thou holdest me back ?    (The lords of Sn
Hari Das are Syaina and Konj-biMri).   Put a bird in a cage, and for all its
flattering it cannot get away.
2.    i: 0 BiMriy Biharinij none else has any power ; all depends on your
grace.    Why cabbie of Tain systems of happiness ? they are all pernicious.    To
Mm vho loves you, show love, bestowers of happiness (the lords of Sri Har Das
are Syama and Kimj-biMri)? the supporters of all living creatures.
3.    "' At times the soul takes flight hither or thither ; but it finds no greater
joy.   Discipline it in every way and keep it  under ,  or you will suffer.
Beautiful as a myriad Loves is Bihari ; and Pleasure and all delights dwell in
Ms presence (the lords of Sri Hari D&s are Sy&ma and Kunj-bihari)   be ever
contemplating Ms manifold aspects.
4.    " "Worship Hari, worship Hari, aor desert him out of regard for thy
mortal body.    Covet not3 covet not the least particle of wealth.    It will come
to you unsought, as naturally as one eyelid droops upon the other.    Says Sri
Hari Bas? as comes deatt^ so comes wealth, of itself (or like death, so is
•wealth — an evil).
1% BildvalL
5.    "0 Hari^ there is no such destroyer as I am, and no such restorer as
thoE art ;* betwixt me and thee there Is a contest.   Whichever wins or loses,
there is no breaking of the condition.   Thy game of illusion is wide-spead in
diverse ways : saints are bewildered by it and myriads are led astray.   Says
Hari Das^ I win, thoti losest, but there is no change in thy love.
* lor a similar espreoiea of ihe same sentiment compare the lolloping: lines of Sir Da« ;
Mereptfpa® w, Stai^ kari low— JSfew jama, turn mm &al SJiora, * IkaM M pickimari ka®. *O Huff
you are Tanqniilied !>> my wnfnlaeis ; I am §0 liesvy aad joa se iligfat^ Suit you get badly